Lib Dems launch campaign to reverse Universal Credit cuts

The Lib Dems have launched a campaign to reverse cuts to Universal Credit, that the Conservative Government were trying to sneak through this week. 

Universal Credit was introduced under the Coalition Government to reduce the complexity of the benefits system. It’s a payment received by those who receive welfare. Day in and day out in Coalition, Lib Dems protected Universal Credit from being cut.

But now they’re under threat again; those affected could lose over £1000 a year.

And these potential losses sound all too familiar. Having had his tax credit plans defeated by the House of Lords, this is Osborne and the Conservative’s next attempt to take billions out of the welfare budget.

I’m so glad to see the Lib Dems picking up on this and taking action. Not only starting a campaign – but tabling a vote in the House of Lords on Wednesday that  could stop the cuts in their tracks.

Getting enough support on the petition will help raise the profile of the vote in the media, which will put pressure on the Lords from other parties to back the Lib Dems on Wednesday.

The vote will ultimately rest on whether Labour Lords vote with the Lib Dems to reverse the cuts of not. It would be helpful to our cause if put their internal feuds aside and start behaving like a proper opposition party, that protects people from ideological Conservative cuts.

Back the Lib Dem campaign here.

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  • commented 2016-02-01 15:21:37 +0000
    Love the campaign but, at least on my tablet, the form requires you to put your name but only has boxes from email amd postcode.

    So I would very much like to back this but currently can’t.